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We are no longer supplying live ants. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience. 

We encourage you to look for ants outside between March and September, that's part of the fun!

We've also found a few websites you can purchase live ants from, we recommend the lasius niger ant:

Google - Buy Lasiuis Niger Ants UK

Please do not mix ants or queens with ants from other colonies, as they will fight!

For reference, we used to supply 40-50 black worker ants (lasius niger) in one of our magnifier bowls, identical to the one included in our Ant World. This didn't include a Queen, but many of the links above do include one. 

Having a queen means your colony can grow and repopulate over time. You may need to remove the green 'mountain' piece of the Ant World so that the queen can fit through it. 

Beyond this we recommend following your queen ant supplier's advice, as we have little experience with queen ants.