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Day 17 - 2 Half Price Games - Game of Things and Game of Nasty Things!

We've got TWO half price games for Day 17 - Game of Things and Game of Nasty Things!

Game of Things is a hilarious family game! You won't believe the THINGS... you'll hear! 

Pick one of the 300 topic cards:

  1. Write down your response - you can write anything that comes to mind!
  2. Read all the responses out loud.
  3. Try to figure out WHO said WHAT!

There are no right answers... There are no wrong answers. Just a lot of laughs. 


Game of Nasty Things includes much naughtier cards, for ages 17+. You won’t believe the shocking things the people you know will come up with! 

Both games are just £9.99 on our website with discount code INTERPLAYADVENT

Discount code expires 31st December 2020 at 11.59pm