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The new My Fairy Garden range!

PlayMonster UK is introducing a new range of My Fairy Garden play sets. Available now, the sets encourage children to interact with nature and develop a love and care for the environment through play.

The My Fairy Garden range features stunning grow & play sets, inviting kids to enter the fairy realm through magical portals among flowers and trees. The realm is home to fairies of all different kinds – Water, Earth, Light, Air, Dream and Shadow – who visit the Human World looking for children who care about nature as much as they do. Acting as Guardians of Nature alongside their magical Plantimal friends, the fairies encourage children to help them.

The new My Fairy Garden range launches with five sets including Blossom Balloon, Hedgehog Haven, Well of Wishes, Nettles' Nook and Hop’s Hideaway, all featuring new highly detailed/articulated fairies, a Plantimal, hidden surprises and added play features. Children can water and care for the plants and play with the articulated fairies, Plantimals and accessories in the sets.

Each set comes with removable growing areas and seeds for edible plants including Coriander, Red Cabbage, Red Amaranth, Cornflower or Purple Radish. A special Fairy Field Guide accompanies each set, providing children with an introduction to the fairy world and encouraging participation in nature activities and projects.

The My Fairy Garden world centres on nurturing, finding adventure, and growing up strong, inspiring children to make a difference. Each My Fairy Garden pack purchased also contributes a donation My Fairy Garden’s partnership with One Tree Planted, which aims to help reforest the world.

Kicking off from August, the My Fairy Garden range will be supported with a heavyweight TV campaign, and there will be exclusive sponsorship across YouTube, paid social and key influencer partnerships to encourage user generated content/engagement with parents and gifters. PR and social media campaigns will further support the range.