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The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt with Ultra Dash

We're excited to launch our Ultra Dash Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt! A fun and crazy twist on the classic Easter egg hunt!

  1. A grown up hides each colour target with a bowl of mini Easter eggs 🥚🥚🥚🥚
  2. Power up your Ultra Dash tagger and choose the ‘Target Tally’ game mode (#2)
  3. Set the timer to 3 minutes ⏲️ (adjust accordingly)
  4. Choose the number of players (1 player can play at a time)
  5. Player 1 presses the tagger to start!
  6. The tagger will light up with a colour – race to find that colour target! 🏃
  7. Insert the tagger into the target and take 1 mini egg 🥚
  8. The tagger will light up with a new random colour – find that colour target, insert tagger and take a mini egg 🏃🥚
  9. Repeat step 8 until the timer runs out! 🏃🥚
  10. Bring all your mini eggs back to the grown up – how many can you get in 3 minutes?
  11. Repeat steps 5-9 with all other players

Whoever gets the most eggs in 3 minutes wins a big Easter egg! 🍫🥚 Will you remember where each colour target is? Try experimenting with your own rules! And remember to tag us with #UltraDash 🏃


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*Discount code expires 30th April 2020